10 Weird Superstitions That Still Exist In India


More diverse the country, more colorful are its superstitions. All of us have been brought up with a different set of superstitions which in most cases lack any kind of logic. This is a country where more than half of its population believes in such baseless superstitions. Here’s a list of some of the craziest existing superstitions.


1. Curse of 8

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It is believed that the number eight is ruled by the planet Shani and therefore there shall be lots of problems and frustrations in your path.

2. Walking under the ladder


Some people believe that if you walk through the triangle that the ladder forms with the wall, you will end up awakening evil spirits. Hence no need of those Ouija boards in the horror movies anymore, they should just walk under a ladder to call the evil ghosts.

3. The lizard trick


In some parts, it is believed that if 3 lizards come towards you, it is a sign of marriage but if 4 or more lizards come towards you, it is a sign of upcoming death. So no need to join any marriage bureaus just get 3 lizards in front of you.

4. The black cat


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It’s considered to be bad luck when a black cat crosses a person’s way. Black cats were considered allies of witches and that’s why they are so hated. An interesting fact is that in some parts of the world cats, regardless of their color, are considered to be a good omen.

5. Pregnant women and ghosts


A pregnant woman should not wander out alone at night or enter an empty house because evil spirits might infest her. But for an alone woman in today’s times, evil spirits are least of her problems.

6. Mangalwar views

In India, it is considered unlucky to start anything new on a Tuesday (Mangalwar). To the contrary of this belief, Jews consider Tuesday to be a lucky day. Turns out that different religions have different takes on a Tuesday.

7. Eye twitching


It is considered that the right eye twitching is good for men, and the left one brings good news for women.


8. No upside down here


Keeping footwear upside down brings fights between family members. So the villains in the daily soaps might as well use this trick rather than those intricate evil plans to create fights in the family.

9. The Nimbu-Mirchi totem

Here comes the most famous of all superstitions. Tying 7 chilies and one lemon outside shops, houses, or on vehicles in order to ward off the evil eye and it also brings good luck. This nimbu mirchi had importance in ancient times as people when travelling through forests would use lemon to hydrate and use chilies to check whether the snake that bit them was poisonous or not. And this has led to people believing that it wards off the evil eye. They tie it for their sense of satisfaction without any logic.

10. The broken mirror problem

Looking in a broken mirror brings bad luck for the person. At some places it is also believed that looking in a broken mirror brings 7 years of bad luck. And this superstition is not only believed in India but in different parts of the world.


Even though more and more people are getting educated in this country, they still remain in the grip of these superstitions. Time and again people tend to forget that these are just myths and their lives cannot be altered just by a black cat, broken mirror, etc. Maybe these beliefs had some logic behind them but that logic doesn’t apply in today’s world. And these beliefs just turn out to be baseless superstitions.

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