72 years of Independence- Is The Peacock Still In The Cage?

72 years of Independence! Such a proud and a majestic occasion, to commemorate the jovial memories, to relish the victory of our freedom, to remember and gratify towards our matyrs for their sacrifices and to be proud over the history. Let’s celebrate!
Let’s hoist the flag, sing national anthem, sing patriotic songs, give speeches about the great leaders, forward messages of ‘Happy Independence Day’, decorate the city with the tricolour flags( only to step on it the next day) and Oh yes! have ladoos!
Right? This is what our Independence Day has become today.

Independence Day

This land on which we are standing and this air in which we are breathing is by barter in exchange of thousands of innocent lives for whom nation lied in their hearts. They strived each moment just to get independence for their fellow beings and asked just a coffin wrapped with tricolour for themselves!
For them being Independent meant getting rid of the shackles which hindered their own development and living in a place where we are not governed by someone else’s norms.
But hey, according to this definition what do you think, are we really Independent today? Is our peacock dancing in the rain with it’s wings moving in the aerial symphony or is it cringing over it’s ugly legs in the cage? Independence implies being free from any kind of dependency; be it on any custom, person or thought!

Just the rulers have changed else the situation is still the same because now caste discrimination, inequality,poverty, materialism, social injustice, women inequality, mistreatment of animals like the recent goat rape case, terrorism…etc etc dominate us. We’re getting modern and educated but still when someone proclaims to be a gay or a lesbian, the eyebrows shift two steps above, giving space to the eyes to ogle a little more. LGBT rights are still less accessible and less acceptable in this society. People stock black money, hoard and adulterate helping the economy to sink a little more. We talk allot about environment and it’s protection but when it comes to celebrations, ahh! I need the most different and stylish plastic disposals for my guests. Talking about sex education, protections, menstruation, gay marriages, etc is still a taboo. Sleeping 10 minutes more, getting late and rash driving is preferable than one’s life on the road. Corruption is the termite which is eating the country but one would prefer bribing at the signal just to save from challaan. Stray animals wander on the roads leading to accidents and we just complain!
This list is never ending…You’ve your own set of difficulties and opinions and so do I. I’m not moving astray from my topic of Independence but I just want the society to embrace the true and ethnic meaning of Independence.

Dear folks, this Independence is hard earned. Many people gave their lives for us to live in liberty. Can’t we just give up on some of our habits, attitudes and mentalities just to make them smile in heaven?
Being ruled by Britishers was better than being ruled by the demons today and the irony is that we ourselves are the creators of these demons. Just think if our leaders would have seen this scenario what would be the reaction? Would they have been proud or balked sacrificing for such a nation!

We Indians hold a strong gut feeling. Ask yourself and everything will be crystal clear.
The society is already on it’s track trying to push the development train further. Fast track courts are getting access to rape cases to ensure justice, Swachh Bharat Mission is on it’s pace, campaimgns like #metoo, #mytraintoo, etc are coming into light. The abused victims are gaining strength and giving up their resistance. Kerala became the first disabled-friendly state. People are moving forth in this direction. We just need to support them and take initiatives. The nation belongs equally to all and hence it’s our equal responsibility to enrich the being.

So Hey! Come on let’s be the change . Let’s start expecting from ourselves to change the norms.
Stretch out your hand to bring the peacock out of the cage. Let it breathe and dance. Let the colourful wings add the true colours to our Independence.


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