Adopt A Pet

“You can’t buy love, Adopt it.”

The furry being, wagging his tail for the little treats you offer…. or maybe ‘woofing’ at you to throw the ball at him!

A little pat on his head gives him the assurance that he is still your ‘good boy’….

Shiny, furry coat, mischievous brown eyes, and a cold tapped nose. Be it a Labrador, a Golden Retriever or a pug, pets do manage to steal our hearts and how!

But the helpless animal which resides near the corner of your house is still hoping, that maybe someday, he’ll find a home too! Isn’t their love selfless enough?

An average Indian spends a considerable amount of money on buying exotic and beautiful pets, most of them as their status symbol. High-end breeds are automatically taken proper care of. Their foods and treatments are expensive, but most of them end up in loving homes.

But the local street dogs or the dogs living in the miserable conditions, are left unnoticed, most of the time. Most of these dogs or cats die due to malnourishment or poor degrading illness left untreated. Many pups or kittens don’t even get the chance to live through their infancy, because of the unsuitable environment.

Our humanity is tested, every time a street dog or cat dies a miserable death.

Many shelters or home for such animals have sprung up in different areas, providing aid to those in need. A good number of humanitarian has started to support the cause and volunteer for any distress call at any time of the day. Such shelters provide these homeless animals with proper and adequate food, initial required treatment, and once healthy are put up for adoption.

Even these animals have the ability to love and spread happiness in the most beautiful way possible. Giving them a permanent, loving home is what they deserve. Their lifespan can never exceed the time we want to spend with them; although their unconditional love continues to remain as a memoir to us for all our lifetime. An act of kindness and you can earn a lifetime of happiness, love and most importantly, a true best friend!

Next time you think of getting a pet, don’t shop, but do ADOPT!


  1. Very nice way to explain the condition of these beautiful animal who need to be taken care.#loveanimals

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