Being Women

Dotting, strong and inexplicable – our woman is warriors. They dawn on them multiple responsibilities and effortlessly portray diverse roles on a daily basis. They begin with being a daughter, grow into being a girlfriend, a wife and then slowly crawl into the mold of a mother. But women, we believe are not restricted by the four walls of a house – they’re free-spirited and are meant to fly.

For our Women’s day event for 2018, we wanted some unconventional and acclaimed women to inspire other women – all across the world – throughout the day. Through ‘Being Woman’, an extremely innovative initiative by Muskurahat Foundation, we called on 9 beautiful, strong and inspiring women to go live through Facebook and talk about 9 different issues. Unlike the traditional talk shows, our concept was not time-bound – our speakers could talk about the content of their hearts and inspire audiences ‘’only’ by going live on Facebook. The notable speakers were – Saloni Chopra, Rashi Mal, Simran Oberoi, Snehal Chaudhari, Nisha Gupta among others. They spoke on issues like feminism, entrepreneurship, menstruation, struggles of a transgender, and other important women-centric issues.

Through ‘Being Women’ we wished to widen and challenge the conventional notions of thinking, while also systematically dismantling stereotypes and laying foundations for a more equal society for our women.