Cyber Bullying: A New Problem Of The Digital Era

We live in a digital age and our survival without these gadgets seems almost impossible. Internet has become the oxygen of our digitized lives. But with all this digitization the methods of bullying have also become digitized i.e. cyber bullying. Bullies have found a new way to target people and harass them mentally.

What is Cyber Bullying?

Cyber bullying mainly means the bullying that takes place over digital devices like cellphones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc. It can be through social media, texts or SMS. This usually follows posting or spreading false or private information about some individual. Many times bullies criticize the victims on the social media. And the victims end up facing embarrassment or public humiliation. Cyber bullying is prevalent among the youth, mainly teenagers. Today’s youth loves the social media life and their image on social media has become their most prized possession. Cyber bullies tamper with this image causing psychological harassment.


Role of the Internet

The World Wide Web is an all accessible network with the help of which anyone can get information about anything from any part of the world. But this fact itself becomes a concern when it comes to cyber bullying. Any kind of comment, post or video posted on the net spreads like a wildfire and becomes very much public. People are different and they react differently to this kind of bullying. Some people are sensitive and cannot take such public humiliation end up having a serious mental condition or sometimes even take up some drastic steps like suicide.

The Internet gives an enormous power in the hands of people so that they can connect with each other or speak out about their views and opinions. But this power is misused by many to shame and humiliate people for the sake of their fun and hence resulting in bullying them on a very public front. Sending vulgar or unwanted texts/pictures to someone is also cyber bullying. The receiver of such texts can be affected on a psychological aspect. The Internet has become a liability in the case of cyberbullying.


Laws against Cyber bullying in India

Cyber bullying is causing a ruckus in the Indian legal system but there are no standing laws against it. Being a new practice that has risen with the internet age there is no specific law dealing with cyberbullying in India. But there are provisions like Article 67 of IT Act which partially deal with such matters. Though, it was made to deal with matters related to e-commerce. This is a concerning problem and it is about time that India has proper laws against cyber bullying. As it can result in some serious consequences for the victims, specific laws have to be imposed in order to stop or at least control it.

But the most important step that should be taken is to stand up against these bullies. Because if you don’t speak up then it gives the bullies a power to humiliate whoever they want.

Stand up against cyber bullying whether you are the victim or not.


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