Daughter day- The Future Is Daughter

My daughter, who changed my world and will soon change the world.

I am the one that picked you when you fell, wiped grass off your feet;

I am the one that heard you cry for the first time, and watched you jump and runs in circles with head full of dreams.

I remember your first cycle and the I know the boy that made you cry.

Even when I tell you otherwise, the love I have for you, words will never suffice.

You gave birth to the mother that I am, the father, the man I loved became,

I’ll protect you from the storms, hail, fire and pouring rain.

Someday your wings will help you fly away, dreams will be real and the old town would wave goodbye,

But I’ll be here, the home filled with scent of your childhood, walls inked with your height marks and wind charms and garden plants and lullaby.

I’ll keep your little bear and all your favourite dolls, the clothes you made them and their parts that your tore.

The albums filled with photographs and polaroid and clothes that you wore.

My mind is tattooed with the memories of you as Disney princess, turned a cranky teenage emo and the birthday party dress.

The room filled with posters and fairy lights, binge watching and shopping trips we went.

The time hot pink was your “the” color and mall shopping’s and that drawer filled with art supplies.

When you complain about your weight and I bring you junk and large serving of fries.

The family trip to the beach, the first period fear and the “birds and bees talk” stress.

The cake that I baked you, the friends that you lost, the love for junk food and screams about your hairs being a mess.

My lack of fashion and my hate for your torn jeans, the will to stitch the up and the gossip kitty party.

The way I trash you in front of your friends and tuck the fight away with your sister and love you both heartily.

Thw world is challenging and fights gets rough, innocence and being a girl can bring judgement your way,

Work become warzone and sometimes nothing can be undone, head held high, keeping the dignity in, and doubt far away.

You are beautiful-chuck the cellulite, freckles and acne you hold.

You are my daughter  and I’ll fight for you and love you forever, truth be told.




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