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Doctors strive for the well-being of the society.Why need an apple to keep the doctor away? When we humans are enough to drive them away.

The National Doctors’ Day is a day celebrated to appreciate the contribution of physicians to the society. In India,  National Doctors’ Day is celebrated on July 1 to honor the doctor and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, doctor Bidhan Chandra Roy. Dr. Roy was honored with the country’s highest civilian award, Bharat Ratna on February 4, 1961.

India has shown remarkable improvements in the medical field and July 1 pays a perfect tribute to all the doctors who have made relentless efforts towards achieving this goal irrespective of the odds.

    Medical artwork


Medical Breakthroughs in India

  1. A New Technique In Neurosurgery

    One of India’s most innovative neurosurgeons, doctor  Atul Goel of KEM Hospital in Mumbai, developed a technique that is on the verge of becoming the global standard for treatment of basilar invagination. He calls his technique the atlantoaxial facetal distraction and craniovertebral realignment as a substitute for the conventional technique of surgery through the mouth.

    Doctor Atul Goel
    Doctor Atul Goel
  2. Changing Eye Colour Permanently

    In the year 2012, Dr. Shibu Varkey performed India’s first ever permanent eye color change in Trichy. He did it using silicone implants. The size was so small that they’d make even Smurfette snicker. The implants come in grey, green, blue and many other  shades. The process involves inserting an implant in the front of the eye to naturally unfold and cover the iris with the newly chosen color.

  3. Potential Cancer Cure

The release of dopamine makes one feel good, it’s a happy hormone. Indian scientists Partha Dasgupta and Sujit Basu made a breakthrough recently, when they discovered that it doesn’t just work as a mood booster, but could also help kill tumors. If the human trials are successful, treatment for cancer could get a whole lot cheaper.


Indian researches are not limited to these three breakthroughs only, there have been so many more researches as well. Sizing up the brain, finding out the fifth gene which was the cause of small brain sizes in many patients around the world; and may more amazing researches.

Not so ‘Happy Doctor Day’ in India

Despite the paucity of the highly trained medical professionals, the identity of medical professionals as a community in society is not getting its due right because of misplaced priorities of certain people. The society tries to impose a stereotype role on them in an effort to control them fully. And as a result of these various controls, regulations and public pressure, doctors experience unrealistic performance pressure on the professional front.

Stop violence against doctors

Doctor is the pivot point between patients, medical industry, government, and insurance sector. A huge number of patients, expensive medicines, and poor medical infrastructure has produced tremendous resentment against medical system amongst the public. But the brunt of this entire angst has to be borne by the doctor or medical professionals alone. Often they are blamed for circumstances beyond their control and punished for system failure. Fear of public wrath and lawsuits is smothering the medical profession.  And increasingly there is a feeling amongst medical professionals that they are getting a raw deal despite doing their very best.

There have been reports of several attacks on doctors in the past decades on this very day. The public would throw stones acids at clinic and hospitals, as many reports from Maharashtra has suggested. They would force and so several surgeries, making it a risk to many patient’s life.

Protest by doctors post attack on doctor
Protest by doctors post attack on doctor

How can the Government help?

  1. Better planning needs to be done to spend more for health of people, availability of resources and for improving the working conditions for doctors. The government should ensure that doctors are better protected.
  2. Police should provide assured protection to doctors better against physical violence.
  3. Medical education institutes should resolve to promote the education of best doctors and not indulge in profiteering in the education of doctors.
  4. Courts should take an initiative to protect doctors against frivolous lawsuits ( which are often done to prevent paying their bills), the revengeful attitude of patients and harassment?
  5. On doctor’s day, the public should resolve that they will not unnecessarily fight or abuse the doctor.
  6.  All medical practitioners: Ayurvedic, Unani, homeopathic or others who play a role in maintaining the health of patients, affirm that they will do everything to protect dignity and integrity of this profession.

If the above is not practiced and followed, then mere sloganeering on doctor’s day makes no sense. The effort to improve training and working condition of doctors has to come from the bottom of the heart of all those involve, both giver and taker.  Mere tokenism on a day in a year is of no real purpose. If the present scenario continues, soon a common man will have the problem in accessing good medical care which is currently available at nominal cost. One needs to ponder seriously if we do not save doctors, who will save us?








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