Emergence Of Social Entrepreneurship

In this ‘talk-and-talk world’, even a small hand of help, goes a long way!

Developing India and her economic statuses have given rise to many small business entrepreneurs and emerging small companies. Among the canopy of profitable business metrics, Social Entrepreneurship is the new India. A contribution towards the welfare of the society, humanity and the environment, Social entrepreneurship has emerged like a blooming flower.


Social Entrepreneurship is the use of start-up companies and other entrepreneurs to develop, fund and implement solutions to social, cultural or environmental issues. The concept, aim and the approach may be different, but with similar intentions.

Basically, the social entrepreneurs are of two type- Non-profitable organizations and profitable organizations generating a positive outcome or solution to the society.

The non-profitable organizations are mainly concerned with social issues and the solutions to it. Whereas the For-Profit entrepreneurs measure the performance based on business-metrics like profit, revenues, increase in stock price. But the earned profits are mostly contributed to the society. Social entrepreneurs typically attempt in broadening the social, cultural and environmental goals in areas of poverty, health-care requirement, and community development.

With the advancement in the world of social networking and social media, Social Entrepreneurship had its major boost. The vast connectivity has brought a new revolution, connecting people with the same ideology and motive, throughout the world, to bring in the desired change.


The youth of today, are the future of tomorrow. Responsibility, education, career, money; the four factors of success, requires a sensible, kind selfless mind. The most important education that requires to be imparted, is the knowledge of sustainable development. Sustainable development signifies, utilization of natural resources as per requirement, and making provision for its further requirement in the future generation.

For a better world and a safer place, Social Entrepreneurship is an impactful option to the present day youths.  Their initiative is the utmost requirement. The vigor and intensity, they can bring in their work is unimaginable. A better society in the making, Social Entrepreneurship is a ‘hit’ among the youths!

One of the major examples of Social Entrepreneurship is the movement, ‘Rotaract’.

Rotaract originally started as Rotary International Youth Program in 1968. Rotaract club brings together people of ages 18-30 to exchange ideas with the leaders in the community, along with the development of leadership skills as well as professional skills. It is a non-profitable organization, which believes in service to the community and humanity. They follow the motto of, ‘Self Development-Fellowship Through Service’.  A major contribution to Social Entrepreneurship, Rotaract and Rotary International has been a part of this society for more than 50 years, emanating its ideologies among the youth.

Social Entrepreneurship is the initial flare of changes, that the world desires to see!





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