Health is a human right

World Health Day

World Health Day – it is a global awareness day, celebrated every year on the 7th of April to symbolize the anniversary of the establishment of WHO (World Health Organization) in 1948. It is the day focused on raising awareness around several public health issues. Every year, WHO chooses a health-related theme for this day and conducts events and programs to raise awareness and work for the greater good. This year’s theme is ‘Universal Health Coverage: Everyone, Everywhere’ which aims to provide every person with health care facilities, especially the ones who cannot afford it due to financial distress. WHO has taken up a necessary issue because there are many who cannot afford health care in the first place.

Health care is one of the most basic and important aspects in every individual’s life but unfortunately, it still is not one of the top priorities of a person, on average. Life, on a daily basis, is tough and stressful. Majority of the working class and students cannot adopt a completely healthy lifestyle. But, what we can do is take a break, substitute a few things and take out a few minutes of quality time for our mental health. This day brings a great opportunity for every individual in every community to take part in the activities that can lead to better heal and to start substituting and taking a few steps for a healthy life.

Healthy life sounds tough and upon searching for ways on the internet, Google lists out millions of things that you should be doing or changing in your lifestyle. But who has the time, right?
So, following are a few suggestions that you can do with ease and might make your life healthier.

1) Hydrate yourself:
Summer is almost here and it is already hot. Keep a bottle with you and keep sipping water. Even if you are indoors, have a bottle by your side. You can also add cucumbers and lemon slices in that water. Search for detox-water recipes to make it fun and healthier. Water is a basic need of the body. Unless it’s not too much or too little, you’re doing okay.

2) Take the stairs:
Even if you are not obese, you should take stairs every now and then. It’s not only about being fit but taking stairs to help you increase your stamina. It could work wonders for your cardiovascular health. It also maintains healthy joints, giving your legs a strength-edge over others.

3) Walk while you talk:
Walking is the easiest exercise you could do. Those long duration phone calls are important and unavoidable, in some cases. So, keep walking while you attend those calls.

4) Switch off your internet after 11:30 pm:
Do not use your phone, unless it is unavoidable after midnight. No matter how interesting those late-night conversations are, do not use your cell-phones. This is one of the main reasons why teenagers are not getting enough sleep. Nothing is more important than completing those 8-hours of sleep. You need to straight-out your priorities.

5) Meditate at least for 15 minutes every day:
Meditation is important for every individual as it helps in so many ways. It not only help you focus better but it also helps in achieving clarity and reduces stress. Unfortunately, the youth, on an average, does not meditate. There are various apps available that could help one meditate.

One cannot emphasise enough on this particular point. Never skip breakfast, no matter how late you are, have something before you leaving home. Load your shelf with oats, cornflakes, dry fruits, etc. Have a banana or an apple if you are getting late to cook.

7) Do not read while travelling:
Travelling every day for hours is boring and we need to engage ourselves in something while we sit and wait for our destination. But, one should not read while in motion because it stresses the eyes. The eyes cannot focus on words at a stretch while travelling, so the constant shift in focus and maintain the task is unhealthy for your eyes. Skip reading and shift to audio-books, instead.

8) Talk to people, seek help:

If you are going through a tough time, do not hesitate to seek help. Talk to your friends and family; let them know that you are going through a crisis. Meet a therapist and let them help you deal with the problem that you are facing.

These were a few of the many tips that one should consider while taking a step toward a healthy life. It’s important that you encourage those around you to embrace this lifestyle as well.

On the 7th of April, when WHO helps the world, in achieving a healthier life, we can too, take initiative in spreading awareness. Following are a few suggestions that you can follow to help in raising awareness among your loved ones.

1) Bring your society and your community together to do yoga or have a laughing session.

2) There is a lack of mental health awareness in India. Talk to your family and friends; let them know that you are there for them. You can encourage them to visit a therapist if they need help.

3) Organize a health check-up in your society, school and college. Contact dentists, ophthalmologists, physicians, etc for these check-up sessions. This will help in spreading awareness.

This World Health Day let us take a pledge to give first priority to our health- physical and mental. It’s one of the most important requirements in an individual’s life. Invest in it and help other people in realizing this too.

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