How are Children turning towards Social Entrepreneurship

The idea of Social Entrepreneurship has been relevant to individuals for a long period now. With time, more and more citizens of the society are working towards building organizations and companies that promote Sustainable development and create a long-lasting effect. With that being said, it is also important to realize that a number of children are tilting towards this idea of entrepreneurship considering the nature of work today. Below are few pointers on ways in which children today are revolutionizing Social Entrepreneurship and the emerging trends that are leading to it.

  1. The tilt for better Education:

One of the biggest names in children working for Quality Education is undoubtedly Malala Yousafzai. Born in Pakistan, Malala has been an advent supporter of education for women in her home state Pakistan. Shot by extremist group Taliban in 2012, she was the youngest activist as well as individual to achieve the Noble Peace prize in 2014.

Urging people to stand up and speak against terrorism and illiteracy, Malala is a huge name in the world of children moving towards Social Entrepreneurship.

The reason behind her gaining such tremendous appreciation all over the globe was, of course, her age. A little girl fighting for the right to education was a sight that was not very common and with her speaking despite having a near death experience, a number of children, as well as parents, got the strength to talk about such controversial issues.

  1. Working for the homeless :

Homelessness is a huge problem in India as well as countries across the world. Unemployment is, of course, a huge aspect of it, undoubtedly. While the cause is huge, many children are coming up with ideas taking steps in order to help them, if even in a small way. One such name is Jahkil Jackson of Chicago who created a social entrepreneurship program called “Project I am” giving away blessings bags to people in need. Acknowledged by Former US President Barrack Obama, Jahkil currently is working closely with an NGO named Dream for Kids to contribute further to his mission.

Like him, a number of children have invested, with their parents, in providing the homeless with clothes, food and have been active speakers on the issue as well. With social media on the boom, they also achieve constant support from individuals all over the world, thus making their attempts much stronger.

   3. Equal lives, equal rights:

Naomi Wadler, an eleven-year-old African girl made rounds over Social media during a March for our Lives rally at Washington, DC representing African American women who were victims of gun violence. She talked about how despite her young age, she and her friends are aware of the inequality that prevails in society today. Coming from such young girl speech received huge rounds of applause from the crowd and opened conversations about the treatment of Black African American women and simultaneously it was reflected in other countries.

As for the Children who watched this video as well as many others, it created a feeling of understanding of the society they lived in and motivate them to work towards promoting equality among all individuals regardless of their ethnicity, colour or sex.

     4. Children for the environment:

Increasingly schools are promoting the planting of trees by students all over the globe. Considering that safeguard of the environment (both land and water) is now a part of the 17 sustainable development goals of the United Nations, increasingly we can see participation from individuals to help the cause.

How this is impacting children towards social entrepreneurship is that all of the activities are changing the minds of the young generation into working towards a more eco-friendly life, rather than believing in total industrialization like the generation preceding us had.

With this, we have different examples as well in India about how children are moving towards social entrepreneurship by bringing in innovations in sanitation, health, human rights, and so on.

In the guidance of their families, these children are paving the way to creating better quality lives and fulfilling the dream of a sustainable environment and also since Internet has no geographical boundaries, it was able to motivate the children to work for a better reason with people all across supporting the cause.

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