How Small Steps Lead To Create A Greater Impact

The greater changes that we see today, was an even greater plan of yesterday, that was waiting to be executed. A change is always gradual, step-by-step, leading to the impact it is going to create. As every drop of water contributes to the ever expanding ocean, similarly every step counts. These small steps leads to create a greater impact, be it in the society or in personal life.


As seen, a child of seven or eight months cannot support himself, or walk properly without any help. But they learn, one step at a time, gradually. Every change has a beginning. Most of the time, while being attentive to these changes, we tend to ignore the small steps that led to it. Not every good thing is an overnight success.

Be it the changes that we observe in the nature, or the changes in the working environment, all begins with one small step of courage.

The gradual increase in pollution, leading to health issues for many can be controlled if desired. But the mentality needs a change. Following the mass can only lead to gradual destruction. People need to realise that even a single contribution, a single person can bring the change. If one desires to be impactful in his own ways, changes are inevitable.

Over three years ago, the Versova beach in Mumbai was nothing but a dumping ground of plastics and other non-degradable materials. The ocean has its ways of returning back whatever it took from you, and this time it was plastics and garbage that made its way to the beach. But a Mumbai-based lawyer, Afroz Shah took the initiative of clearing up the Versova beach along with some thousands of volunteers. Despite of several hurdles like the non-clearance of the picked up garbage and abuses and threatening from local goons, the work continued from his side.

After 109 weeks of the clearance work, the beach  finally started to clear up. For the first time in three years, baby turtles were hatching on the Versova beach, a sight of pleasure to all. A man of values, stuck by his ideologies and his dreams for a better environment. A step taken by one man, led to an impact as great as this, proving every small step counts. His efforts were recognised by the United Nations, and he was awarded with the ‘Champions of the Earth’ award. The Versova beach clean-up every Sunday was one of the largest citizen initiative, that the World witnessed.

Each step counts. These small steps add up to the change we desire to see. A change so great, that it can impact thousands of lives throughout the world. The step of courage that can change your entire perspective.

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