India ranked most dangerous place for women

Women- A mother, a sister, girlfriend, friend, daughter and wife. The one who sacrifices on each stage of her life. The one who is the charm and a boon to motherland. She is the glorious spark which enlightens every somber dungeon. She is the power which can smash off every evil spirit into crumbles. Try to efface her existence and the doomsday shall make its way, stamping a big question mark on the existence of God!
She is a WOMAN.

India has been ranked the most dangerous country. Isn’t it ironic that we pray to Indian goddesses and abuse women in our own country? Let us treat the women in India as equal humans before treating them as goddesses.

She is made to prove the worth of her existence on each step of life. She is made to sacrifice because she’s a woman. She’s abused and disrespected but the vemons feel this is all that she deserves.

Have our values become so hollow?
Come on folks! Open your eyes and look at the depreciating values everywhere.


She cannot move alone on the streets at night because its not safe for her.
Why? May be because it questions her upbringing. Is it because the breasts attract beasts?  Well, only one alphabet is missing) roam around at night and won’t be able to control their temptations.

Women and judgements


Why aren’t these people asked to stay at home?instead
She’s not supposed to show her tummy and wear short skirts because it symbolises that she’s inviting, but then how a muslim girl gets raped who’s covered in a bourkha?

Women and asking for it


Periods is considered impure. Women of age 13-50 are not allowed to enter temples. A sanskaari Indian woman is expected to be coy, submissive and spineless.

We Indian woman are not safe at Temples, schools, office,  roads and even in our own homes! Martial rape is not considered to be a criminal offence by the Supreme court. Are we even safe in our own country?

India and marital rape

According to the National Institute of Justice Report 1 in 5 girls is a victim of child sexual abuse.
A seven year old kid gets raped brutally after school in Mandsaur and is then left to die behind the bush!
A girl is hanged under a tree and gang raped!
There are several other instances of these. And no one can forget the Nirbhaya gang rape of Delhi and the Shakti Mills gang rape. The brutal gang rape of an eight-year old girl Asifa Bano in Kashmir was a horrendous event. How can those demons abuse that innocent soul?

The ones to throw acid on the face of girls find their supremacy in burning the beauty, But can acid burn the dreams as well? Bollywood movies are fantasized so much where a boy continuously follows a girl, stalks her, passes lewd and eventually both of them end up falling in love. This is just not ‘cool’! It appreciates the viewers to get inspired someway and use these tactics to woo women.

Campaigns like #Ilooklikeanengineer, #BanBossy, #Girlswithtoys , #Metoo, #Womennotobjects doesn’t makes the content viable only when written and read in the true sense and not to grab public attention.

It’s high time to raise our voices against the abysmal deeds.


  1. True India is on top in women injustice…I don’t get these thing if u r giving respect to the godess then why not the common girls…this foundation support them to thats what I really like about them I will support u guyss in every possible way doing great job

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