Intolerance: A new face of democracy

India is the largest democracy in the whole wide world. It is a multi-religion and multi-cultural nation so, there is bound to be a difference in opinions. And being a democratic country, each and every citizen of India has a right to have his/her opinion. But today people seem to have forgotten this fundamental right given to every citizen of this country. They go on imposing their beliefs on others by force.

We take proud in the diversity of our country simultaneously forgetting that there will also be a diversity in beliefs and opinions. Everyone thinks that what they believe in is right and are defensive against anyone who dares to think otherwise. Tolerance has just become a meaningless word in our constitution.

From religious to intolerant

Religion has become the most common excuse for intolerance. People go on imposing rules left and right in the name of religion. No religion preaches to ignore and disrespect other religions but still the same is happening. And the biggest example of this is the imposition of Beef ban. Everyone respects that in Hindu religion, cow is considered holy. But that doesn’t mean they should ban beef. It should be dependent on the person whether to eat beef or not. It is not something that can be forcefully imposed. Food choice is a personal thing and to impose rules on it is the violation of a fundamental human right.

Intolerance in India has risen to such an extent that people have forgotten the difference between reality and fiction. Films are a form of art and these films are made to reflect the face of this society. But they also include a lot of fiction which is only meant for entertainments purposes. But this society gets offended in that too. The minute the word fiction comes into picture there’s no point of comparing it with reality. As the word itself means that it is a figment of someone’s imagination. People get offended so easily on small things that even the minutest thing causes them to ban the movies. Hence, filmmakers are walking on eggshells just to get their films released. And this in turn confines their creativity in a box.

From intolerance to violence

Now, intolerance has taken the form of violence. Burning local transports or burning theaters are they new ways taken up by the people just to prove their point. But the limit is crossed when citizens are getting killed due to this intolerance. Apparently, giving an opinion without any consequences is becoming a privilege in this country.

There have been bans on films, ban on food, etc. India has come to a point where people are protesting to have bans on people. No one can deny the fact that politics plays a major role in this wide spread intolerance. Almost all political parties are initiating or supporting such intolerance throughout the country just to meet their personal benefits.

Freedom of speech, freedom to express their opinions, freedom to follow their own culture and religion are some basic human rights. On a daily basis, these rights get violated due to this plague of intolerance. This society needs to calm down before intolerance becomes the new face of this country. India is a proud democratic nation and if we truly believe in it then we have to move on, leaving behind this phase of intolerance. Start accepting the fact that different people have different ideals and beliefs.

After all, acceptance is the key to intolerance.

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