Is Money Compelling Doctors to Advice C-Section Deliveries?

Childbirth is one of the most integral part of human existence; a beginning of a new life and a beautiful experience for the new parents. The emotions, love and compassion attached with child birth, are unique to the parents and a home for their nurturing care. There has been a considerable increase in C-section childbirth since the last decade. Normal delivery of a child has almost been opted out by many new parents. The question arises, has C-section childbirth procedure become a money making practice in the hospitals of India?

A pregnant woman, in most cases, desire a vaginal birth or normal delivery for their first child. It has been proven, that about 1% of the total pregnancies, women desire normal delivery of their child. But in the last decade, the constant increment in the C-section childbirth procedure has left us with a meandering question. In India, almost 30% pregnancies are delivered through cesarean, way past the count of 10-15% as assumed by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

Generally a C-section is advised for the mothers experiencing complications related to their pregnancy such as shooting high blood pressure or blood sugar. In such cases, normal delivery might be risky for both the mother and her child. A new mother, who is going to be having more than one child, delivery under the knife is always preferable. But the institutional procedure of child birth is advised to all the normal pregnancies.

It has been published in various reports that, doctors who assist in the cesarean deliveries has more money to put into their pocket than those who assist a normal delivery, an important reason for them to advice C-section. Hospitals nowadays have transformed into money-making houses, feeding on its patient’s fears and insecurities. In many cases, this might be a requisite, but the increasing number tells a different story. Many doctors has turned this into a money making profession, quite contradictory to the ‘Oath’, they took after the graduation.

Childbirths through C-section might be a safe procedure to rely on. But can you rely on your doctor? There is no definite answer as to the authenticity of the blame, leaving a question on the health authority.

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