Juvenile Crime: Importance And Role Of Family

When a child is born, it looks into the world through the lenses of their parents or parents family. The values and morals that they develop over the years is a reflection of what has been ingrained into their minds from the early stage of life. While it would be an exaggeration to claim that they turn out to be exactly how they have been taught, it is important to understand that it does have a connecting line. Many factors can be referred to, in terms of the role of families in Juvenile crimes.

  • Risky environment-

Studies of juvenile delinquency reveals that a child raised in risky environments show higher criminal or dangerous tendencies in comparison to those raised in a protective environment.  Risky environment includes situations like ineffective parental behaviour, substance abuse by parents, family conflicts and so on. Mistreatment during childhood like having to see, be a victim of psychological or sexual abuse also contributes as a factor to juvenile crimes.

  • Changing social environment-

The world is fast moving and changing. With a rat race being played in all corners of the world accompanied by decreasing social contact, children are starting to join the race at an earlier stage. Their immature minds are unable to differentiate the right from the wrong and constant pressure from the families to stand out has had them looking for shortcuts leading to complications.

  • Poverty-

‘Money is the root of all evil’, is a saying that makes rounds on social media very often, followed by memes on it. However, it doesn’t negate the fact that each living individual needs money to live a healthy life. In the number of cases registered in the Indian court, a noticeable trend is these kids coming from lower income or Below poverty line families. While it would be wrong to say that it is a problem caused by the family, lack of money for basic needs is a major contributor to juvenile crimes occurring all over the country. These children go to any extent to earn some cash to meet their daily needs.


Families undoubtedly play an important role in every child’s life and it is important to not forget this in the scope of the changing trends of the world. No child is born a criminal, but it is the environment that makes them turn innocent children into criminals. Communication is the key to understanding a child and it is only through efforts through which, not just a child, but a convicted juvenile can also turn into their best self.


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