Mind Over Matter

The world run on two things,- Hope and Will-power. One of the human assets, Will-power can overcome even the hardest physical limitations. ‘Mind over Matter’, an ideology to be inculcated in a society, where equality is the trending remark.


What is “Mind Over Matter”?

‘Mind over Matter’ is a proverb, generally used to signify one’s ability to use will-power to overcome physical limitations. The one willing to bring in a change can do it, even with an extreme hurdle, will-power being the driving force.

The mind in itself is the center of the universe, capable of extending its accomplishment to levels of infinity. Many real-life occurrences had the evidence of how the mind can be such a controlling factor. The emotions, the desire, the love, all add up to this mind, which in turn compels us to achieve the impossibility. The limitations imposed on us hinders our rate of accomplishment, but a mind and will-power strong enough can change all the possibilities.

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Learning From Real Life Heroes

Real-life heroes who proved this proverb to be true in every sense had their own hurdles, but they had the will to turn that hurdle in their stride to achieve something greater. The likes of Deepa Malik, a Paralympics athlete, is the first Indian woman to win a silver medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics in the shot put. In spite of her physical inability, her hard work, passion, and dedication showed glory in the events.

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The phrase ‘Mind over Matter’ can be explained from the perspective of a woman. Woman, a gender considered not tough enough to withstand troubles or hurdles in this patriarchal society; too emotional to handle logic and too weak to provide for her family, has proved time and again, emotions and feminine abilities are not weakness. Emotions give these women the very will-power to achieve the once called ‘unattainable’ for them.

How beautifully these women have taken up responsibilities, in this change of time. The difference of ‘physical abilities’ between a man and a woman is being replaced by the ‘mental abilities’ and the accomplishments, the mind can achieve in every field.

The mind is the controlling centre of the entire task force. Will-power is the energy; ‘Mind over Matter’ in its truest sense.


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