World Population: A problem by the people, for the people


Is Malthus back?

Does Malthus ring a bell? He was probably one of the most prominent figure during your introductory social science and environmental science classes.

Simply put, the growth rate of population exceeds the growth rate of agricultural production. This change in the rate of growth puts stress on resources and results in famine. It isn’t sustainable and the Malthusian trap is triggered.

Malthus believed that curbing population is pivotal in combating the negative spiral of overpopulation. However, he did not predict the green revolution and other technological advancements.

The food production might have increased but the grain per hectare of land has reduced. The quality of air, fertility of soil and quality or water have reduced. This is just the tip of the iceberg. P.S the iceberg is likely to melt as a result of global warming which is also related to overpopulation.

Whilst technological adancements might have “debunked” his theory, it is no surprise that overpopulation is still a grave issue.

World population day

World population day is celebrated globally on 11th July to shed light on the global population issues.

Earth, the only inhabitable planet for the living species known to the human beings. There are currently 7,632,819,325 humans but with the phenomenal statistics of 4 births per second, our number has been increased as you finish reading this sentence.  If we don’t stop multiplying we will have be left with nothing. This day is very similar to the concept of democracy, it is by the people, of the people, and for the people.

The world population crisis
Overpopulation: a worldwide crisis



Many people have realized the threat increasing population can bring, and they have taken measures in their particular country to prevent overpopulation, or at the least control it.


Possibly the most famous population control policy is China’s ‘One-Child Policy’. Established in 1979, Chinese families are now fined if they have more than one child — an amount equal to 3-10 times the household income. There are policies that force women to get abortions for unauthorized pregnancies or sterilize them surgically.

China and one child policy
China and one child policy


The state offers newlyweds a cash grant of 5000 rupees or $106 to wait two years to have their first child. Other states have made having more than two children a disqualification from holding public office. 30 thousand hectares of cultivable land deplete annually in India.

Birth control is a social anathema in Indian societies, like many other societies that subscribe to orthodox cultural norms.

“Our population is our greatest assest”

 Population can only be an asset if strategic policies are executed in order to efficiently capitalise on a young and “working class” demographic.

Stress on water, land and other finite resources in India.


In order to control the population, the government has instituted a policy of forced sterilizations of women after their second child.  the sterilizations are done without the knowledge or consent of women.


In order to slow the birth rate, the government instituted policies that included mandatory contraception education for couples before marriage, a state-owned condom factory providing free condoms, and state-sponsored vasectomies.

Family planning

By far this has come handy as the most powerful tool in birth control.

Countries and unions can force people to limit their number of children; take their children away or even force to abort them. But these practices are inherently flawed and are unethical.

The change has to come from within. If we all understand the value of family planning, the good and peace it can bring to each one of us the population can be controlled and monitored. Each one of us needs to understand that more number of kids will exhaust resources  thereby leaving fewer resources for their children in the future. Individuals need to be sensitised about the importance of adoption.

It’s in the new generation to plan when and how to start a family. It’s in the hand of you and me, or else it will be no surprise if the earth gets exhausted and runs off of every reasorce ever known to us.




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