What we do

There is always going to be a sky to look at and a ground to stand but where we stand and how we see the sky is what matters. Irrespective of the fact that we all share the same sky and ground, breathe in the same air and receive the same sunlight, some remain trampled and crumpled upon while the others get to fly their dreams in the bright blue sky.

Muskurahat, as the name suggests, aims to bring about a smile on each person who dreams and wishes to fly.

We understand that, through years of trial and error, the society is biased and blinded by the social-economic system and consists of a set of unannounced undeclared set of laws that are expected to be followed but we also forget the fact that the society is no one but us and it becomes our rightful duty to break through these social norms and help others for a better future.

Here at Muskurahat, we hold an opinion that every child irrespective of this biased system of education has the basic right to quality education and deserves better opportunities to exploit his or her own potential. We believe that education is not embedded in thick books or closed in four walls but it is the overall development of a child to explore the talent and uniqueness that lies in him

We do not regard that there are a right age and time to bring about a change and welcome everyone who is ready to volunteer. We, mainly consist of youth who are motivated, dedicated, enthusiastic and devoted to bringing about a change in the society. We have tried to spread awareness about various issues, in the most possible creative and innovative way, in the society to touch the lives of children in the most backward parts of Mumbai by providing them informal education and making them socially aware all with a smile on their faces. The social problems that have been tackled include menstrual hygiene, gender equality, and biased education. We have tried to bring about a change in the society by starting with the children who will bloom on to become the pillars that hold important virtues in the upcoming/future world. We aim to serve the children a platform to not only find their talent but to inculcate basic human rights and broaden their mind to a wider perspective about the world.