Reasons You Should Invest Time In Social Work

Good or bad- Life is a box full of surprises with new experiences waiting at every moment as we move forward. But one thing that remains constant is time. While most of our conversations include discussions on how we do not have time or are unable to make time for different activities, following are pointers on why we should invest time in Social work at least once in your lifetime.

  • The Smiles –

How many times have you crossed paths with a stranger whose gestures made you smile? Volunteering gives to opportunity to be a reason for the smiles of other individuals. Be it reading A, B, C to little kids or sharing stories with people your grandfather’s age, you will notice the tint of happiness in their eyes and through their action.

  • The Memories –

One of the best things about investing time in an NGO is the amount of memories you make. From your co-workers to the children nearby, volunteering gives you the opportunity to experience things that will remain close to your heart.

  • Socialize –

While volunteering has it’s own perks, one major aspect of it is meeting new people. Social interactions help building you as an individual and shape your personality, thus having a long lasting effect on your life.

  • Helps Build Your Resume –

Apart from all the reasons mentioned above, investing time in volunteering can be a great add on to your resume. With it, it can be a great platform to learn and gain better knowledge in terms of both desk and field work. Very often companies today want people who are civic-minded and socially aware.

Finally, we are accustomed to ‘Why should we work for free’ idea and ofcourse it is not ideal to leave out on your job to volunteer for life, however it is also necessary to take that small leap forward. Be it teaching underprivileged children living in the street on your way home or volunteering at an exchange program abroad, everyone need to invest time in it.  

Time is really precious to each one of us and it is important that we make every second of it worth recalling about.

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