Televison or OTT- What Leads The Way?

 Television has been a major source of entertainment and information for individuals since its advent. Starting with Doordarshan, a single channel that had us glued to the screens to opening up of the market accommodating countless channels to choose from, our relationship with television has come a long way. But recent trends show a shift from television as with the introduction of OTT or over the top media services individuals prefer viewing their favourite programmes on their laptops or mobile phones at their convenience with no time schedules to follow. Few reasons behind this shift are noted in the pointers below.

  • Unrestricted content-

The Indian Media and entertainment industry has been very restricted with what all it is to telecasted to the audiences. A separate board was established in 1951 called The Central Board of Film Certification under the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting, Government of India to screen movies and certify the audience that is fit to watch the production. This is however not applicable to OTT services they are able to attract a larger audience with their raw and fresh content, free from any censorship.

  • Convenient-

The world around us is changing fast and with very less time in the hands of each individual, it gets difficult for consumers to sit back and watch a certain channel or show of their choice through television. The reason why OTT services are such a hit is that it can be played anywhere at their convenience. The fact that there are no time-bound restrictions attached to it with accessibility also through mobile phones, there is no worry of missing out on anything.

  • Need satisfaction-

Television despite having a number of channels to select from was in a way limited in the shows telecasted. As the world moved forward with Globalization, there was an exchange of not only trade but also of the entertainment industry. Countries across the globe came up with their own content and it was not possible for television to stream all of it through its channels, thus bringing in the shift to OTT services that catered to all needs of its customers.

  • No geographical boundaries-

How many times have you worried about missing a show because you are travelling? Since TV shows are restricted to a region or country, it difficult to gain viewership access once you move out of that area. However, in the OTT service, there is no such restriction. The content remains the same regardless of the geographical location and thus accessible in any part of the globe. 

  • Global content

Since the content in OTT services are the same for all countries across the globe, consumers receive a wide range of shows to select from. For example- Netflix came up with its own TV series named Sacred Games in India.  


While recent trends do suggest that a shift into OTT or modern streaming services can be seen, it will be extreme to consider television not having prevalence in the contemporary world. While the OTT service has its own target market, television consumption in the Indian population is still considerably huge.

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