I started working with Muskurahat as a Volunteer. My experience with Muskurahat until now has been mind-blowing. I looked forward to Every Sunday where I would get to spend time with those kids who came every day to learn something new. I guess it was their enthusiasm and curiosity to learn something new, made me go back to them every Sunday.  Every time when they would come to us with a doubt when you meet their gaze, their innocent smile, their eyes gleaming with so much of expectations-it would make our heart melt and it was something have never felt. Seeing them smile, appreciating what we were doing for them, everything was so overwhelming. Teaching them and seeing their active participation made me feel happier. I never knew something that I started just for fun time pass will turn out to a blessing for myself. That smile of hope, the smile of appreciation and most of all the smile of Love is a big part of my life now. Eagerly looking forward to the coming surprises.