Bringing a smile on a child’s face gives the deepest satisfaction that cannot be verbalized. Volunteering at Muskurahat foundation is all about bringing a smile on a child’s face and that gives meaning to what we ought to do. Fulfilling a kid’s wish is one of the most joyous feelings you get to experience. Trust me. My interaction with the kids which involves delving into their perspectives, ideas, wishes and their whole little world has led me to rethink that anything is possible. It made me a child again. I’ve shared so many good experiences with the volunteers, team, the kids, and their mom standing a little far watching their child learning something new and their smiles after joining Muskurahat foundation. I am more than happy to be a part of making this world a happier place by giving kids not only classroom knowledge but the knowledge of how to survive in this competitive world. I have realized happiness can be found in the smallest things and life has been better ever since. Thanks to Muskurahat foundation as it’s all Win-Win.