Theory of Change

Muskurahat has evolved a two-fold theory of change. Our main aim is to expose our children to those skills of personality building and quality thinking that are ignored in schools. For this, Muskurahat has evolved its own theory of Social Change. We call it the Special Model of Social Difference (SMSD) based on (their) surroundings and upbringing.

Our two flagship projects aim at improving on these essentials via our weekly Sunday sessions. The main motive for AnganShiksha (surrounding) is to create a pro learning atmosphere lacking in the slums of Asalpha and Bamawada where it operates. KEYtaab is about adding value to the  upbringing cycle of orphans and juveniles living in Shelter Homes across India. With 4 in Mumbai and 2 in Delhi, KEYtaab was our first ever project.

The year round events we organize aim at increasing social awareness about neglected issues like menstruation and mental health. From projects aimed at empowering women to working with senior citizens, donating clothes to the Rohingyas or organizing Blind Book Dates for Charity- we aim to spread the smiles far and wide.