Tiger says: Kill Me

Hello Homo-sapiens,

It’s me Panthera Tigris, commonly knows ‘The Tiger’. You all know me, have seen pictures of me since I was just a ‘T for tiger’ to you. Today, it’s my day, 29th July, the world has crowned a day for me, known as ‘International Tiger’s Day’, and it is basically to create awareness among your kinds about my big cat species. We are in trouble, not only because we are daringly gorgeous, but because you have been hunting us for many things, our skin, teeth and every other part of our 6-pack abs #fitnessgoals bodies. And this day is to basically remind you to protect us and our natural habitat.

I have seen pictures of many festivals going on around the world in our honour on my Instagram feed, follow me @tiger_showoff.. My personal favourite is the, the face paints and marches and rally of VLADIVOSTOK, RUSSIA. I read on twitter, that now a day’s schools and other institutions also celebrate this day by holding competitions, well I am open for the invitations as chief guest, if any.

On a serious note, I wrote this letter to remind all of you of our importance, that we are more than mere exquisite beauty. We are powerful, majestic, everything mighty, cool and great.

For starters and appetizers, we balance the over-grazing situation by slaughtering cattle, our food. We also, generally live alone, or maybe with a family, so we are everywhere, making it easier for all kinds of animals to survive around us, we do send snap streaks to our relatives in Africa from time to time. In India, more than 350 rivers originate from tiger reserves. These reserves also sequester carbon, provide oxygen and slowly release ground water to regulate floods; you’re welcome!

Saving us, not poaching us, will in return make sure the forests are protected and the ecosystems and habitats of you and me, both are save. It’s a win-win for both of us. The scientists estimated that conserving each wild tiger had a flow value of USD 2.19 million a year.

Spread the word and help me tell Our tail, sorry Tale – help us #KillTheComplacency so that everyone realises exactly what is at stake if the last few thousand of my fellas on Earth are lost. It is only through our collective actions that the plight of the tiger can be changed.

Happy World Tiger Day.




The Great Bengal Tiger. Your national pride

Tiger zinda hai? No

(Sipping BAGH bakri tea)


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