Trolling and Cyber Bullying- Is There A Difference?

The internet has proved itself to be a boon to individuals all across the world. One tap and we can achieve information about any topic or issue we are interested in. From navigating through unknown streets to getting groceries at your door-step, the Internet has changed our life in a countless number of ways. The social media is another aspect that caused major lifestyle changes in our life. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are household names today, providing us with the opportunity to connect with people and share thoughts. However, with a number of positive pointers, comes negative too.

Social media has been receiving a lot of backlash due to the increasing number of trollers and cyber bullies present on the platform. These people cause havoc in the lives of other individuals causing emotional distress which has also seen people turning suicidal. But before we head into dealing with that, it is important to know the meaning of Cyber Bullying and Trolling and their difference-

  1. How do you define Trolling and Cyber Bullying?

Trolling is basically as an act, on the internet, made to provoke an emotional response from its victims through unsolicited or controversial comments. This term used is usually an analogy of the fishing technique of ‘trolling’ where unexpected fish are enticed to take the bait. However, Cyber bullying involves the use of electronic communication to bully a person by sending them texts or doing things that are of threatening nature.

2. The Thin Line –

Trolling and Cyber bullying are similar in terms of the ground they are being used on, however, there is a thin line of difference between the two. Trollers usually do not intend on physically harming their victims and are limited to the screens, but cyberbullies go beyond the boundaries of their computers to inflict pain on their victims.

3. Impact –

While there are no recorded cases of victims of trolling, in 2018, 37 cases were reported by Indian Parents for their children, who were victims of Cyber Bullying. The count was 32 in the year 2016. It is important to understand that often trolling also takes the image of a cyber bully. Comments on the internet can be trolling but if it leads to excess emotional distress to its victims, it is cyberbullying. Usually, it is the impact on the victims that separates trolling from cyberbullying.

Despite the differences, Trolling and Cyber bullying both have tremendous impact on the victims and affecting their lives. There are numerous accounts of it this making it important to educate individuals in this matter. Many children have also been targeted thus making it a very important discussion that requires immediate attention.

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