Volunteering: How Does It Make A Difference In Society?

The scenario today is filled with a number of problems and in a situation as such, it is essential for all individuals to stand up and give back to society by volunteering.

Every other day we switch on our television or our mobile phones and pops up news about individuals going out of their way to serve others in need and making a difference in the world. The government as well as not- for- profit organisations have initiated a series of volunteering programs for people to come forward and work with.

Volunteering helps the people in need-

Not everybody is privileged enough to have access to all basic necessities in life. It is difficult for us to understand that while maybe getting a bowl full of rice is basic, there are people dying out of starvation. Every little help that a volunteer does brings in unexplainable joy into the lives of others. Volunteering helps the people in need to get the help that they could not get otherwise.

Volunteering creates Awareness

As more people join volunteering programmes, society gets more aware of the issues. It is through the volunteers that the message spreads across the globe which otherwise could have been left unnoticed.
Example – The ALS Ice Bucket challenge, made rounds over social media making individuals aware of the disease. It was only made possible due to the participation of so many individuals who voluntarily spread the message.

Saves lives!
Volunteering is not only about moving miles away to serve in a remote island, but it also starts at home. Many individuals have taken up the task of volunteering and teach children living off the streets who cannot afford a formal education. Different NGO’s have volunteers educating women about sexual abuse, marital rape as well as domestic violence, giving them a chance to look beyond the traditional patriarchal grooming and work for self.

Earns you experience-
Volunteering is a two-way street. As you initiate the program, various opportunities for learning will appear before you. It needs strength to invest time for the benefit of other people, and in the process of doing that, an individual is faced with a number of hardships as well, however, it is through working out the problems that we grow and learn. Also, the amount of Self-Satisfaction is beyond words to explain.

Volunteering is undoubtedly a challenging job demanding a huge amount of investments in terms of time and commitment, however, it is through this small acts that we can make the society a better and equal place to live, for all.

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