Why We All Need A Break From Social Media

There’s no doubt that social media plays a very important part in our lives. It is hard not to upload pictures of yourself when you are out for a vacation or take a quick selfie while having dinner. 

This generation is characterized by a culture of preferences, tweets, and snaps, which is too distracting. 

Anyway, this makes one wonder: Do the advantages of social media truly justify the time we spend on it? 

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What does social media do to us?

Social media leads one to focus on others more than yourself. One of the fundamental issues with social media is that you are frequently shelled by others’ achievements.  Regardless of whether it’s somebody uploading photographs from his or her graduation or tweeting about a wonderful new car, social media causes us to compare ourselves with others. 

It’s not astounding that studies have demonstrated that people who invest a significant time on social media express feelings of increased anxiety and low self-esteem.

The fact of the matter is, we shouldn’t be sitting down and checking what others are doing. We should rather focus on pursuing our very own goals and dreams. Not only does it distract us from focusing on ourselves but it also presents us with a twisted version of reality. 

It is very evident that what we see on social media doesn’t identify with the reality leading us to have negative thoughts. We tend not to see the low points in the lives of others or their struggles, which makes us feel more aware of our own flaws. 

Subsequently, many people who use social media fall into the trap of endeavoring to influence their lives to appear to be more captivating or exciting than it truly is. We overlook the fact that what we see on social media does not genuinely speak of somebody’s life; rather, it’s only a favored glimpse.  


How does it affect our happiness?

Using social media is risky in light of the fact that one can easily get trapped in the mindset of looking for approval from others. Happiness should depend on whether you appreciate a specific situation and not what others think. 

For instance, in the event that you go out for supper and eat an astonishing dinner, you should feel cheerful in light of the fact that it tasted extraordinary and not on the grounds that you got more than 100 likes on your post about it. 

Unfortunately, social media allows people to get accustomed to the attention and this becomes a habit that needs to be satisfied.

While it’s a pleasant inclination to think many people are focusing on what you are doing but does it really matter?

Happiness should, for the most part, originate from inside. You should just truly care about offering your experiences to those nearest to you.

What should be done? 

Even if you think that you’re not addicted to social media, it would not be wrong for you to notice the subtle signs of being “hooked.”  As much as we all want to believe we are not hooked, we are. And that is why it is essential to start with something called the social media detox.

A Quick recipe-

  • Choose five days in the calendar.
  • Mark them and write down Social Plan DETOX plan on them dates.
  • When the days arrive, disconnect from all social networks during those five days.
  • Write down each time tempted to use and each time you end up using the social media.
  • If you can not avoid using social media, remove the apps. 
  • The time you invest in social media, dedicate it to yourself and other activities.
  • Apply this every 3-4 months.

Social media detox can be very helpful with realizing and understanding what you truly value in life. It can also benefit us with experiencing positive thoughts. 

Most importantly, we ought to recall there’s an entire physical world out there. We shouldn’t be reluctant to put down our mobile phones now and again and experience it. Let us all enjoy the world that we live in. 

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