Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

On 25th of September, 2015,  in a summit attended by over 150 nations the game-changing 2030 Global agenda came to be formally adopted.  Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a part of this global agenda. They are set of 17 goals that are created to cater to the challenges that the world is facing at social, … Continue reading Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)


Social-Emotional Learning has gained a massive global significance in the recent years. International bodies and associations have remarkably highlighted the importance of practicing SEL. The National Commission for Social,  Emotional, and Academic Development  (The United States) has called attention to the promotion of SEL, and called it a ‘substance’ of education. Also,  the World Economic … Continue reading UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL-EMOTIONAL LEARNING

Analysing Chintu ka Birthday- the impact of positive parenting

Amidst this chaotic time in the world which is flooded by negativity, a global pandemic, and many natural disasters, the release of Chintu ka Birthday is a sight for sore eyes. The movie displays unabashed levels of positivity in a war-torn land. Madan Tiwari- played by the extremely talented Vinay Pathak, is a simple middle … Continue reading Analysing Chintu ka Birthday- the impact of positive parenting