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The guiding factors of economic growth and social advancement of the nation involve expertise and information. The challenge is twofold in increasingly evolving societies such as India, which have a large and ever-increasing population. On the other side, broad segments of the workforce have few to no employment potential. There is a shortage of highly skilled workplaces.

The path from a fresh to a prosperous society in India is a mystery to others. Many people are worried about complicated poverty problems impacting women, children, and other margins. More than 70 per cent of India stays in villages and faces deep poverty.

Women in urban slums are most impacted, especially predominantly migrant communities. Villages that suffer the worst types of oppression are because of their no power over land or other means of output and their intrinsic patriarchy.

The centres for NGO for Life skills education have specialized instruction for the industry in diverse industries such as catering, food, clothing, IT&ITES, business administration, and entrepreneurship skills. Professional and business-based skills programming are tailored to meet market demands, including expertise in BPO and Call centre operations. Categories of instruction include telephone etiquette, interpersonal skills, speech training, customer support, soft skills, customer relations, and dispute management. In collaboration with industry experts, the training program has been designed to satisfy the demand in the sector. Training, food, and housing are given free of charge, and post-training, recruitment, and post-training resources are issued to candidates.

People with disabilities who are young adults and want to be active are busy going into NGOs for skill development or conventional vocational training institutes, such as polytechnics or ITIs. Some start small businesses if they have the resources by sponsorship. Quite often, many of them appear to become directionless. They spend their time doing small household jobs in many situations and end up feeling irritated and depressed. Non-independent people practically spend their time doing nothing but watching TV.

The children, mostly from poor and impoverished groups, either live in the city’s outskirts in slums or small dwellings. Not having well-educated family members, combined with poverty, inadequacy, and a general lack of trust makes it difficult for them to move forward in education.

As soon as the organization invited people to sign up to engage children as facilitators and volunteers, many entrepreneurs, homemakers, and working professionals showed a willingness to contribute to the cause.

The NGO for Personality development curriculum stressed the need for personality growth, positive thinking, and the need to build qualities such as reliability, integrity, loyalty, and transparency. The core values in life are the factors which strive for a person’s overall growth. The NGO launched its efforts by implementing a comprehensive growth model in government schools and collaborating with the government.

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