Does Bollywood Influence Us?

It is true that every movie leaves some sort of an impact on the minds of people. Today, movies have become one of the biggest sources of entertainment.  A film is a reflection of the society both past and present. Similarly, Bollywood plays an important role in constructing ideologies in India. 

Women In Film

In recent years, a lot has changed in cinema including the position of a woman in the industry. Women now are presented with the same platform and opportunities as men and are no longer treated as an object. Though cinema can become more progressive on women’s issues by portraying the challenges and struggles they face on daily basis. 

Movies are the most mind-boggling method of communication which may incorporate all guides like visual, sound and drama, it has preference over the print media and noteworthy effect well on the society, films are made on various circles like family drama, sentiment, romance, religious stories and issues of family and society. It’s the most effective medium with whom the audience frequently escapes and any unethical interpretation may or may not have a negative effect on the public. 

The reality is that film has brought about a change in the perception of the society to a degree yet at the same time there is low awareness considering the real issues and struggles of the society. 


Do films portray the reality?

Many Bollywood films depict the protagonist as some brave, strong and this ethical being and most movies paint a beautiful picture of life. All actions and emotions of the protagonist are justified that clearly drives the audience away from the reality. Movies need to be more about the real-life experience as movies drive an individual to imitate and behave like the characters in the movie. They influence the lifestyle and beliefs of an individual. 

Contemporary research has discovered significant angles to film’s effect on society. In a paper by S.C. Noah Uhrig, the writer depicts how the representation and narration of film make it an entirely one of a kind type of workmanship. In addition, the aggregate understanding of film is a unique form of art. The aspect of going to the film can have conclusively beneficial outcomes on emotional well-being.

Film participation can have autonomous and vigorous consequences for mental prosperity in light of the fact that visual stimulation can cause a range of feelings and this experience provides a sheltered environment in which to encounter roles and feelings we may not generally be allowed to experience possible. The idea of the story and visual stimulation makes the experience enjoyable and controlled. More or less, film participation can be both a by and by expressive experience, great fun, and helpful in the meantime.”


Bollywood Films That Influenced Us

Changing viewpoint is the principle work here. Films like Rang de Basanti urged individuals to take up things in their very own hands. Taare Zameen Par and Three Idiots helped you to acknowledge who you are and accept yourself and to allow yourself to make the decisions and not pressured by the social perception of what is acceptable. It demonstrated an approach to have faith in yourself. It also encouraged people to do things that make them happy.

The cliché movies of Karan Johar like Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham to the My Name is Khan were not simply family shows. They demonstrated genuine feelings and exhibited straightforward ordinary things like cherishing your folks, companions and so on. They forced you to appreciate the good around you. These movies had just the right amount of entertainment to then slap you with the harsh reality of life. 


Why Do They Influence Us?

In this changing world, where exposure of web is developing at an alarming rate,  creating various concepts and beliefs in the minds of people and especially children as to what is ethical, affection or negative qualities, cinema to plays a major role in influencing the society.

Films are one of the best mediums of mass media. You can escape in a wonderland and overlook the stress for those short three hours or be shell-shocked when you see the workings of terrorists or simply get that great old sentiment of being supported and surrounded by your family and friends. 

Films hold a really interesting spot in the story and history our civilization. It is an art, a dialect, a medium for motivation, education and lot more. It gives work to a large number of individuals around the globe and acts as a form of enjoyment for billions and provides a record of the human imagination and state. Films allow us to narrate our stories and live our dreams. 

In any case, we should not overlook that more than anything-film is a highly engaging medium, and permits us-quickly to get away from our lives and venture elsewhere. That, basically, is the genuine fascination.

So yes films have a huge impact on our society but it is up to the individual on how they interpret it. 

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