DU cutoff and stress

DU cutoff cant ‘cutoff’ dreams- open letter

Dear ‘worried’ aunty,
I heard your son satisfied the DU cutoff, congratulations! I did not satisfy the DU cutoff( I am pretty sure that you are already aware of the same). Afterall, you pry to gossip on one’s cry.

Students succumb to pressure and self destruction after the DU cutoff
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I feel there’s some confusion. May be you’re not convinced with the fact that I know what I’m doing in my life. What decisions I’m taking for my career and what ways I’m choosing to get through it. So, just for your satisfaction once again let me tell you that I know all of it.

It’s really admiring to see that how you find time to talk about every girl and boy and express your super convinced opinion about their lives. You pin point every single thing that they’ve been going through. But you know what? Nobody gives two hoots!

Why do you think that only your so called relatives who have got set plans for their future will end up earning billions and the one’s who’re a bit confused regarding the same will just get married at 23? Why do you think that only the children who’re choosing “the popular and hefty” professions of the society will do something in their life and others will merely be a number in the myriad population?

Exam stress

P.S I know marks matter. However, it is not the only thing that matters. DU cutoff does not define me, my goals and values define me.

Our Indian education system has completely changed the definition of “Education”, where its all about who tops in CBSE and gets a seat in Delhi University. CBSE has erected poles in the minds of ordinary students to just mug up the topics and the one’s who are really good at vomiting get through it with good grades; giving you more examples to speak off. Those students may really be hardworking but have you ever asked the practical use of NCERT in real life? Things are not taught to get knowledge but just to answer a 5 marker in  Boards, to clear the DU cutoff. In 10th they score 9.5 CGPA then 12th 95 percent and then life gets stuck in a 9 to 5 job. What do you believe that only those 3 lakh students studying in DU will get their dream jobs and others will just do ‘ sacrifice’? College doesn’t makes the student but students make it. Please try to motivate the children even if they are not able to match the DU cutoff. There’s more to unrealistic cutoffs. Let these  DU cut offs or any other cut offs  not cut their dreams off!

DU cutoff and destruction of self worth

Hey, hey! Sshh! Listen here. You’ll be surprised to know that even our parents think of us and our future. For a while stop sharing your “knowledgeable tips” and focus on your tea. It’s getting cold.
Do you even know that how your inquisitive attitude becomes the reason for thousands of students getting depressed? They are worried about what society will say. And who’s this society? You!

Next, you make lentils and so does my mother but it tastes so different! This means that people may have different recipes and ways to achieve their goals. We are kids now, we don’t have much experience , then why are you expecting us not to commit mistakes? Why do you expect us to follow the “Perfect success manual” like everyone.

Nothing is permanent in life and so is our state. You may be correct at some point but please understand that when you allow a kid to fall, he’ll stand with much confidence but when you set restrictions he just sinks in his insecurities and guilt and gets stamped by the world as a loser.

I have dreams and  to your surprise, many. It is not about who comes first in the race but who completes it. It is not important to be a DU graduate or satisfy the DU cutoff rate to reach the finish line.

Students are rats in this DU cutoff race
DU cutoff race

Everyone has the right to fall and still reach to the end. Period.

Please understand this. We are already stressed, kindly dont add to it.There are many examples in the society of people who failed but are successful. How can we have the same timeline in life if we don’t have the same clock?.And yeah, Mom told to offer snacks to the guests. So would you like to have some?

The “least bothered” kid/ Today’s youth

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