Give Your Child a Ray of Hope: Stop Child Labour

One of the horrors afflicting the world’s masses is child labour. Poverty is the source of evil, while society’s prevailing culture of splitting the masses into classes and categories based on their affiliations with a specific race, religion or even gender may be offered as another valid explanation for child labour. Any of the reasons responsible for child labour may be the reduction of parental debt and the failure of governments to provide adequate facilities for schooling. In order to supplement the family’s income, many children work. At a moment when their purity and freshness can find expression in their acts, children see themselves as the bread winners for their families.

Child labour in India refers to children’s employment in any work which takes them away from infancy, affects their ability to attend school regularly and is harmful, psychologically, physically, socially or morally. Through many foreign organizations, this activity is called exploitative.

Although not all children’s work should be classified as child labour, any work that impacts their education, emotional and physical well-being could be classified as child labour. You will agree with me that, because they did not beg to come in the first place, children are being introduced to the planet to be taken care of. Why then will they be used by some parent to raise funds to feed the family? Each parent is responsible for taking care of their kids so kids cannot be used to earn money or -+money for the family.

Parents have an immense part to play, why wouldn’t a kid go to school? Your child will never tell me that he’s not going to go to school and if I know the importance of education in the life of a boy, I would fold my hands and wait. Education determines the potential of a child, shapes and trains the baby for all it needs to be.

The parent is not expected to excel in Child rights and you. These children do not yet have the physical and emotional ability to overcome the external difficulties. They are not ready to feed the family and hence are referred to as infants. You must be cared for and nurtured. Have you any idea who deals with them when they are out? If you know the terms in which they’re fed? Let’s do it together, popular parents, and give a child hope today.

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