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Why is Muskurahat the best place to work?

We are smile soldiers. So you can be assured that there won’t be a day at Muskurahat Foundation where we don’t strive hard to bring a smile on all the faces we see. Most people have different stigmas around social work. We’ve heard everything from ‘you need to be well-settled to do social work’ to ‘social work cannot be a full-time job’. But that’s where they are wrong. We, at Muskurahat strive to break these stigmas because we truly believe that we must act now to save the world tomorrow. This is the kind of ideology we surround ourself with. This is what gave rise to one of ‘India’s Coolest Youth Organizations’ working for a social change. We believe. We believe in the capabilities of every single person helping us achieve our dreams and that of our children. We believe that everyone has a unique voice and a unique thought process. We respect and value that uniqueness and we believe that everyone has some love to give away. We believe in kindness and empathy. We believe in learning, unlearning and relearning over ignorance. We believe that we might not change the world someday, but we will definitely change the futures, for the better, of as many children as we can. Help us achieve every dream we have for us and for our children.


What you gotta have to become a Smile Soldier?

Fix Things Up

Brainstorm on problems and find the right solutions

Amplify The Group Spirit

Inspire moments of optimism and make a difference everywhere you engage

Knack For Collab

Show your magic! PITCH LIKE A WITCH!

Alpha Fox

You just have to manage!

As Keen As a Mustard

Do not give up.
Go the distance.
Stop at nothing.

Creative Potato

Be as creative as a potter’s hand.

What do you learn as a Smile Soldier?

Organisational Skills

You become better than Monica Geller!

Social Consciousness

Internalise that you can make the world a better place with your smallest efforts.

Entrepreneurial Skills

Your ideas.
Your dedication.
Our support.


Learn the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it.

Social Work as a Métier​

Discover how exquisitely gratifying 'working for a cause' can be.
Karke dekho acha lagta hai.

  Volunteer with Muskurahat! 

Zealous young souls have an opportunity to work very closely with the Foundation by becoming a volunteer for the activities and events organized. So, join us today!

  Become a Fellow! 

Through this 1-year fellowship we intend to motivate change builders who would inspire and lead to create an atmosphere for the underprivileged children where we teach, educate and spread smiles! Join us today to explore that dynamite personality of yours!

  Raise Funds for Muskurahat! 

By fundraising for muskurahat, you will be gifting this opportunity to all our children. What are you waiting for? Start today!

  Join Our Team! 

Muskurahat Foundation offers bright career opportunities by becoming a part of the core managerial team. THE COOLEST CORE TEAM you will ever meet! So hurry up and join us today!