The main reason that has motivated Muskurahat to expand is the realization that outside of Mumbai there are so many needy to whom we can reach out and make a More important than increasing our visibility in the Capital, we felt that our desire to create impact elsewhere would give us the satisfaction we need. This we found in the Dwarka area, along with our Delhi friends who took great initiative in researching and making arrangements.

Bal Vihar


This is our Chapter 2 of Muskurahat Delhi. With nearly the same stats as Bal Vihar with the only exception that even boys are included.To balance the excess in Mumbai, we turn towards Delhi and no place could have been better than these two homes.

Shelter Don Bosco


One of our two KEYtaab Homes in the Dwarka district of Delhi, this Home consists of nearly 20 girls from the age range of 10-15 years. Still in the starting stage, the girls here promise us great improvement provided we too, can put in our best.