Holistic Development for children in need

Project KEYtaab is our flagship programme. It has gone through continuous development to meet the holistic development needs of a child. 

The program covers three key aspects of child development: 

    1. Social-Emotional Learning
    2. Academic Support
    3. Mental Well-being


Our curriculum follows an experiential learning approach where every concept is broken down to its inherent value and taught in a way that facilitates learning by doing and thinking for themselves.

Primary Elements:

  • Social-Emotional Learning: 

Continuous essential 21st century life skills such as Critical Thinking, Resilience, Communication, Decision making, etc with the underlying inculcating values (upbringing) that develops personal ethics, supporting informed decision making

  • Academic Support:

Changing the approach of learning by rote to learning by doing and understanding concepts in a way that helps develop a child’s perspective on gaining knowledge over passing an exam. 

  • Mental Health:

For any intervention or behaviour change to be effective, a healthy mind is essential. Due to the nature of our consistent and regular intervention, our people on the ground are trained and equipped to identify indicators of potential mental health disorders that a child maybe growing through. This is followed with an expert counsellor intervention who works with the child to remedy it. This holds especially crucial for us owing to the background of our children who are orphans or come from unconventional families and have dealt with and/or are living with traumas.


In order to ensure effective learning and keeping the child at the centre of everything we do, the following elements are developed and implemented:

  • Safe Space Protocol: Ensuring the physical and emotional security of the children throughout the entire intervention and beyond just the curriculum intervention. Each team member of Muskurahat is trained in establishing and maintaining the safe space to ensure consistency in building the safe space. 

Value System: Part of social-emotional learning, values are what we inculcate from our family as upbringing. This is largely absent in children from shelter homes who grow up without a family structure. We focus on inculcating these values such as respect, accountability, diligence, etc. as part of our sessions, using reiterations and positive reinforcements to help children imbibe and practice these values.

Current Projects


Shelter Homes
Community Centers

Pilot projects running in Latur, Maharashtra and Ranchi, Jharkhand