Our Philosophy


Future-proofing the next generation, today.



    • Be the unwavering support system for every child and its ecosystem that we work with to help them grow into – a happy, independent and responsible contributing members of society.
    • Become knowledge and implementation partner for CCI’s, educational institutions and other like-minded organisations.

Our core values



Instilling the drive for change to produce a holistic individual.



Firm principles behind a strong personality to create impact.



Preparing sustainable plans for long term development.



Via outreach and partnering, we aim to get the young connect going.



Not believing in hierarchies, we promote open interaction.



To Tackle common social ills in our hatke way.

Our Theory of change

...or why we do what we do.

The Problem: Children are exposed to a variety of influences that shape their lives as they grow up and participate in society. However, not all the influences they come across are positive in nature – lack of proper parenting, societal rigidity, socio-economic disadvantages, media biases and unfiltered internet can adversely affect the development of a child’s thought and value system. This gap is more evident in “at risk” children, those who grow without all or some of these influences. A child, transitioning from such a background into adulthood – unchecked, without guidance, positive reinforcements and the basic know-how of navigating life, is significantly more prone to negative influences leading to bad decisions and poor life choices.

Article 29 of The United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, in continuation of Article 28 (Right to Education), states that the Goals of Education is to develop every child’s personality, talents and abilities to the fullest. The current educational infrastructure lacks adequate focus to realize Article 29. At Muskurahat Foundation, we aim to fill this gap through our carefully curated initiatives that puts impetus on attentive upbringing, quality academic education, 21st century life skills and mental well-being of the child. We believe every child must have access to an environment conducive to positive growth. One where he/she develops the ability to learn, unlearn and relearn crucial values and life skills, necessary to live life with a healthy mindset.

How are we doing it?
Our overarching approach to create such an environment for the child rests on the firm belief that imbibing personal values, learning life skills and developing a positive mindset takes time and requires patience. For a child whose mind is continuously developing and getting influenced, our programs focus on continuous exposure to these values and skills.
We achieve this through:

    • Maturing our content and approach along with a child’s growth. Leaning on the principle that learning happens effectively and efficiently when it is through relevant practical experience
    • Consciously crafted activities and meaningful engagement with caring adults­­­ which promotes positive relationships between the child and adults.

We know it takes a village to raise a child and are therefore cognizant of the other stakeholders within the child’s environment. Our underlying aim promotes research and learning in this area through extensive monitoring data, initiating collaboration with other individuals, agencies and government to build institutions that contribute to creating an environment of holistic development for the child. Enabling the child to grow up to become a happy, independent and socially responsible citizen contributing to society.