The KEYtaab Project

We at Muskurahat believe that upbringing makes up the most important aspect in a child’s life. Most of the time, children belonging to shelter homes and orphanages miss out on this key aspect of their life which ends up steering their future towards the wrong side of the spectrum. KEYtaab is Muskurahat’s initiative to cater to the holistic development of these children, bringing focus to their upbringing, enhancing 21st century skills and providing mental health care through a customised experiential learning curriculum. KEYtaab exists as our key to unlocking brighter smiles and more nurtured growth amongst these children.

Who are we?

As the name suggests, Muskurahat Foundation believes in bringing a smile on faces that deserve it the most but do not have access to happiness in their lives. We aim to create a sustainable impact in the lives of the children at-risk by developing strong programs focussed on their upbringing and surrounding. We feel that factors like improper upbringing and poor mental health affects the minds of these young kids at a very primary stage in their childhood, resulting in devastating effects like missing out on education, high risk of addiction and abuse, and stunted personal growth. Our main aim, as an organisation, is to expose our children to the skills of personality building and 21st century life skills that are ignored in schools.

Creating an Impact!

We at Muskurahat, believe that everything we do has some effect, some impact in this world. While we cannot measure the infinite smiles we hope to bring about in the world someday, these are a few ripples of change we created in our 2018-2019.


The Sunday sessions are very fun and I learn many things every Sunday. I eagerly wait for them to come to our shelter home every Sunday. Last time we did an activity where we stood on chair and tried to fly. Brother got us wings to fly but still, we could not fly. I understood how birds fly and we cannot. We also learnt about different types of airplanes and I liked the fighter one. It had bombs and missiles. We also designed our own plane. I and my friends made a plane which can land on water and land both. It was fun making our own plane modal and presenting it to everyone.
- Prem, Age 12, Standard 8th
(Student- Snehasadan, Chakala)
The activity of planting the seeds was fun. Bhaiya and didi got us mitti, khad, pots and seed and all of us planted seeds of marigold and sunflower. My bhaiya told me to take care of it and water it daily till the flower comes into it. I really loved taking care of it. We also ate watermelon in one of the activities. I was so surprised seeing so many seeds in it. I also learned different types of plants and there uses. It also helped me in my school.
- Sagar, Age 9, Standard 6th
(Student- Shelter Don Bosco, Wadala)
Himanshu Goenka approached me in 2017. He said that they wanted to help the children. Muskurahat since then, began teaching the kids from 4-6 pm, every Sunday, regularly. For a couple of months, they used to come every day to help the children with the difficulties they faced in their studies. Since they’ve started their project in our shelter home, it’s been very good. One can say that the children are learning. Since they have made a greater impact on studies, my children are now capable and confident in speaking as well as writing English. They are doing a great job. Hats off to Himanshu and his team and all the best.
- Robert Arhana
(Shelter Home Manager- Snehasadan, Chakala)

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