The KEYtaab Project “ Without family nothing else matters, everything from the top to bottom falls apart or descends into chaos… The loss of home leaves a gap that can never be filled. ” – Rohinton Mistry We all know that upbringing plays a major role in our lives. What we are today is all … Continue reading KEYtaab

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy Vision of the organization To empower the communities become socially responsible citizens by creating a fair and free world. Mission of the organization To educate and sensitize the children and other stakeholders living in slums, orphanages and shelter homes by enhancing their upbringing and surrounding to make a better decision. Our core values … Continue reading Our Philosophy

Curriculum Developer

Muskurahat Foundation is looking for a passionate Curriculum Designer to create a path-breaking curriculum that aims to enhance life skills, problem-solving and critical thinking skills along with educational competencies. The aim would be to design an engaging programme of instructions based on exhaustive research and analysis. Qualification -Post Graduation in Relevant Field Experience -3-5 years … Continue reading Curriculum Developer


The main reason that has motivated Muskurahat to expand is the realization that outside of Mumbai there are so many needy to whom we can reach out and make a More important than increasing our visibility in the Capital, we felt that our desire to create impact elsewhere would give us the satisfaction we need. … Continue reading KEYtaab

Sanskrit – Language Of Our Souls

We remember the days in school from 5th to 8th grade when this language as subject and we all dreaded it. It was difficult as well as useless, is what we all thought. But in reality, Sanskrit is pretty interesting and important. Don’t believe me? Keep on reading and you will. So, Sanskrit is a language … Continue reading Sanskrit – Language Of Our Souls